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August 2012



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Aug. 21st, 2012

Another Felix Inspiration. Again.

Jack McBrayer. Who I keep wanting to call Jack McFarland.

Jack McBrayer has got the look: lightish hair, small frame (though he's kind of tall at 5'10), and adorably optimistic all the time. Also! And most importantly! He's not perfect looking but he's ADORABLY attractive. Also kind of awesome, is that the characters he plays are...kind of exactly how it seems like he acts in real life. He's very polite, sweet, and very, very southern. My current favorite thing in the world:

Conan O'Brien's relationship with him amuses me to know end. Basically Conan pretends to be very mean and cruel to him and Jack is all polite and southern about it. Conan mentioned it during the commentary to Conan Can't Stop movie. There was a moment when Jack comes in and Conan, immediately, "Heyyyy, I thought I smelled wet hay!" and makes fun of his accent and "See, Jack, that's called a toilet." Conan in the commentary says something like "This is what me and Jack do. We've been friends for a very long time and it's just the way we act together. People at 'Late Night' would yell at me because they thought I was being mean to him but we really are just joking around. He's so good at acting that they thought it was real." And then they show a bit where Conan starts playing that Deliverance banjo song on guitar and Jack's all "stopppp" but then his feet starts moving in a hickish jig. Conan starts laughing like "Hahahaha, he can't help it!!" and Jack keeps dancing. (Yes I'm putting this under bromances, do not judge me.)

I'm not really sure why I'm bringing all this up. I haven't posted in a WHILE because I'm actually writing up Felix's character sheet and it's taking for-freaking-ever. I keep getting little bursts of inspiration here and there but nothing worth writing in depth about. Well that's not true, I probably could, I'm just too lazy to think about it too much. This is nice and fun and easy. I started watching 30 Rock so hopefully there will be more to write about. 

All I know is, classes start tomorrow and I am in denial more than...Egyptian people are? Or something? I...don't know.